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The Quiz Champion - Germany-Special on ZDF


Today the ZDF prime time tv show "The Quiz Champion" celebrates 25 years of German unity with a Germany-Special. Johannes B. Kerner is as always a very entertaining and charming...More »

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BMW Wiesn Athlete's Crackerbarrel 2015


Well, well, time goes by fast, once again the Octoberfest is calling for a traditional Athlete's Crackerbarrel hosted by BMW. In the selfie I am accompanied by Prince Leopold of Bavaria, Martin Tomczyk, George Hackl and Christian...More »

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My Journey into the past - Sarajevo


As I celebrate a milestone birthday at the end of this year, I will increasingly reminisce in the next few weeks and months about interesting encounters I had during my career. For an ARD documentary about my life, I am...More »

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Deutsche Welle Campaign "We all are Germany" for Diversity and Tolerance


Acceptance and tolerance is a current, very serious and important subject for which I have an undivided opinion. The news about the flow of refugees streaming into Europe have of course repeatedly caught my attention and moved me...More »

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8th Hamburg-Berlin Classic-Rally


The time has come to defend our title in the classic car rally. I am very excited to race again together with my team partner BMW classic boss Uli Knieps. On board of an exquisite vintage 1937 BMW 328, we drive almost 800...More »

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Verdi's "A Masked Ball" Open Air in Szeged - Hungary


One of my highlights of this Summer. The somewhat unusual request to play the queen of the ball in Verdi's opera "A Masked Ball" for the opening production of the Szeged Open-Air Festival, in the midst of ice skaters on...More »

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J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge


The Katarina Witt Foundation has been running successfully for the last 10 years. With the help of numerous donors we were able to support more than 180 projects worldwide. An important event is the J.P. Morgan Corporate...More »

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Cover story in the Zeit Magazine


2014 was a historical year for Berlin and Germany. It commemorated the 25th anniversary of the most significant event in recent German history: the Fall of the Berlin Wall on the 9th of November in 1989. As...More »

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For many years, Olaf Seibicke, the diligent and dedicated hotel manager of the Best Western Hotel Lindenhof in Gotha has been carrying out an exclusive series of events. The prestigious guest list has included celebrities such as...More »

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Deutsche Welle Initiative "We are Germany"


The German international broadcaster "Deutsche Welle" has just started the campaign "We are Germany" to speak up for more tolerance and cultural diversity in our country. In my opinion, it goes without saying...More »

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