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Bavarian Sports Award in Munich


This years hosts at the Bavarian Sports Awards in Munich: the Seehofers.More »

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Charity Golf Tournament


With the donations from the 7th WFG Business Cup in the Golf Park Rittergut Birkhof in Neuss the Katarina-Witt-Foundation was able to pay for those 'race cars' for the kids among other...More »

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Soccer World Cup in South Africa


In Port Elizabeth we watch the 3rd Place Game of the Soccer World Cup Germany-Uruguay and of course 'The Kaiser' Franz Beckenbauer is also there to support our team. More »

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From Applicant To Candidate


This photo (KEYSTONE/Dominic Favre) is taken in front of the IOC headquarters in Lausanne. The teams of the 3 applicant cities Annecy (France), Pyeongchang (South Korea) and Munich (Germany) as well as innumerable representatives...More »

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Fully dedicated and despite the stormy vagaries of the weather I travel into the center of Finland to do lobbying for our Munich2018 bid at the 13th World Sport for All Congress in Jyväskylä, Finlands 7th biggest...More »

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Reception hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel


Don't worry, i won't hold another press conference at the Cabinett Office. But since I have the opportunity to visit the place were all the important announcements are made  I simply cannot resist to sneak behind the desk...More »

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Round table discussion in Moscow


In my function as the Chair of the board of trustees for the Munich 2018 bid I am invited to Moscow to the forthcoming roundtable on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) which is taking place at the Residence of the US...More »

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Charity Walk Finale


From Sylt to Tegernsee. From North to South. All the way through Germany. 1000 kilometers. 28 legs in 4 weeks. All on foot!!!! And 25.000 € were raised for the Katarina-Witt-Foundation. Dear Regina and dear Anja, Thank you...More »

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Charity Walk in Munich


This picture is taken at the welcoming reception after the walk in munich where I almost passed Anja and Regina without recognizing them. Until not long ago I only knew the both of them from the internet and with their sports...More »

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The Art of Walking


Last November, in between my stage debut as "Amour" and the hosting of the "Bambi" award ceremony, I was invited to go to Australia. For many years it was my dream to visit Down Under but it was never...More »

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